Video Production Services

Video Production Company That Gets Digital Marketing

Communicate using the power of images and sound.

» Deliver your message with maximum impact. Video presentations captivate, inspire and bring out emotions in a way no other medium can. Motiontide Media can help you to effectively harness this powerful tool. From concept to final output on Blu-ray, YouTube, Facebook, your website and beyond, Motiontide has you covered. Our experienced and dynamic videographers employ the latest in 4k digital equipment and software. Yet we recognize that equipment is merely a tool. It’s the creativity and energy we bring to every project that makes the final product truly special.

Experienced Videographers

Our experienced videographers get the right shot from a technical, artistic, and marketing perspective.

Expert Audio Recording

We record multiple audio sources on-location and put it all together in post-production, with music and sound effects.

Multi-channel Distribution

We can deploy final videos across multiple channels including Blu-Ray, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Video Makes You Money

Video has the power to make an emotional connection. This helps sell your message and get you real ROI.

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Our services include:

  • script development
  • single or multi-camera
  • video production
  • digital video editing
  • voiceovers and narration
  • motion graphics and digital
  • video keying
  • authoring to DVD, Blu-Ray, web and other electronic media
  • Live streaming to Facebook and YouTube
  • corporate event videography