About Motiontide

We are a digital agency with a knack for building and deploying multi-platform, integrated digital marketing campaigns.

While we are a company that works in a broad range of creative media, we take a very practical, results-orientated approach to design. When we design a business card, take a photo or build a website, we are interested in how that task contributes to the ultimate goal of selling our clients’ product, service or message. Sure, the business card we design will be attractive, the photo stunning and the website sleek, but at Motiontide, we are fixated on the real point. And that is using the right mix of media in the right way in order to help our clients reach their communication goals.

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Joel Grenz


Motiontide Media got its start in 2001 as a side business while its founder Joel Grenz was in University. At that time, event coverage videography and web design was the bread and butter (and Kraft dinner) of the company. Since that time Motiontide Media has grown both in size and in practice areas to include video production and photography services, web and print design, and marketing.