EZRentout WordPress Plugin

If you like EZ Rent Out but don’t like how it integrates with WordPress, we’ve got a solution for you.

Our WordPress Plugin for EZRentout allows you to display items beautifully on your wordpress website and then connect directly to EZ Rent for managing the checkout process.

Plugin designed for (but not affiliated with) EZ RentOut

ezrentout wordpress plugin
  • Seamless EZRentOut Shopping Cart Integration

    If you want to have your EZRentOut items to appear beautifully on your existing WordPress website, this plugin is for you. Customers can browse your catalog on your WordPress website, and then easily complete checkout using the EZRentOut shopping cart interface -- all integrated with your WordPress website.

  • Sync Items from WordPress to EZRentOut

    Quick set up feature allows you to add rental items via the WordPress interface. These items are synced instantly to your EZRentOut account.

  • Multiple Categories

    EZRentOut only allows you to add items to one group or subgroup. With the plugin, you can display the same item in multiple categories on your WordPress site. This makes it easier for your customers to find items to rent.

  • Hide Items On Your WordPress Site

    Sometimes you want to disable items from appearing on your WordPress site but you still want them in EZRent. You can easily enable and disable items from appearing to your website customers.

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