3 Million Dollar Questions:

  1. Do you have products or services you would like to sell to a wider audience?
  2. Do you have unique knowledge that people would pay for?
  3. Do you want to build a system that can provide a passive stream of income?

💡If the answer is yes, then you need to considering joining Funnel Foundry by Motiontide.

Funnel Foundry?

Funnel Foundry is a unique service. We partner with you to help you build marketing funnels that will convert your products, services or ideas into revenue‑generating systems.

Part business coaching, part consultation, part implementation — Funnel Foundry will help you build income‑producing web properties from the ground up.

Funnel Foundry gives you access to the same tools, techniques and insights we use with our corporate retainer clients ‑‑ for a fraction of the cost.

Is Funnel Foundry for You?

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, Funnel Foundry may just be what you’ve been looking for. You will be working with our Funnel Foundry specialists to help you develop attractive product offerings. We will then help you build out the assets you need to market, sell and deliver these product offerings.

funnel foundry


Your time investment
10‑20 hours per week (much of the work for you is at the beginning); approximately 12 months to build up

Your financial investment
Our fees – $7188 (paid monthly over 12 months) + 3rd party costs + our commission (5% of gross revenue from funnels)

3rd Party Fees
Here’s a list of the kinds of tools we will need:

  • Advanced Email marketing / marketing automation software = around $30/month depending on list size (this would replace mailchimp)
  • Marketing Funnels software = USD $99/month
  • Webinar software = USD $479/year
  • Online ads = $300/month? (this can vary wildly depending on the product/service)
  • Credit card fees = 2.9% of gross transaction amount +$0.30

Depending on which way we go on these tools, we do have access to some discounts or ways to save.

Are you ready to take the plunge?



Q – This sounds perfect! Am I guaranteed to make a million dollars?
A – Nope.

Q – What does the fee cover?
A – Funnel Foundry is your ticket to the following items:
Funnel Foundry coaching program… we teach you core concepts you need to develop and market products from your expertise
Expert Consultation… we’ve got experience doing this stuff and we’re with you on your journey to help you learn and build out your funnel
Technical Implementation… you’re the expert at your area of expertise (go figure!) and we are experts in ours. We take care of things like setting up online payment processing, configuring Facebook ad accounts, building landing pages, researching keywords, designing ads, laying out eBooks and constructing email automations. You provide the content with our help and we build out the assets with your help. We work as an integrated team to build what you need to have a functioning funnel.

Q – What does the fee not cover?
A – Our fee does not cover unlimited access to our marketing and technical team. We don’t currently have hard caps on time so we ask that we all cooperate in this “beta” stage of Funnel Foundry to ensure everybody involved can succeed. We also don’t include video production, motion graphics and custom programming (although we are able to provide these services at a reasonable additional cost to Funnel Foundry members). Third party fees listed above are also not included (although we make every effort to find cost savings on these and as an agency, we do have access to some discounts).

Q – You take a 5% commission. Why?
A –  The commission lets us bring our fees down and also serves to align our interests by keeping everyone focussed on bringing in revenue.

Q – What happens after the 12 months?
A – After 12 months you may no longer need us but you may still want to keep the tools maintained. The commission stays in place as long as you’re using the assets we created. The monthly fee can go away if you don’t need us any more. Or you may wish to continue. We will work it out after 12 months to see where you’re at.

Q – Am I going to be successful after 12 months?
A – It depends on your definition of success. In our experience 12 months is enough time to get things built up and see results. It can vary based on many factors some of which are beyond our control. If you’ve followed the program you will have a completed funnel before the 12 months are up.