Google Plus Social Media Icon

For all of you jumping onto Google Plus who have yet to find a social media icon that matches your other ones, we’ve thrown one together. This should match up nicely with a lot of the social media icons already in use on websites, better than what Google Plus is currently providing. It is 32 […]

Printing Digital Photos

You’ve got your digital camera and you’ve taken great photos. Now what will you do with them? Once you’ve transferred your digital photos to your computer, you’ve got some choices. You can email them to friends, post them on a website or display them as a slideshow on a television. But what is the best […]

Difference Between Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

difference between optical and digital zoom

When buying a digital camera, the amount of zoom a particular camera has is an important feature for many people. In this article I will discuss what to look for when it comes to zoom and the differences between optical zoom and digital zoom.