Motiontide Nominated for Leo Award

Motiontide is pleased to be honoured with a Leo Award nomination in the category of Music Video. Entitled “My Homeland”, the music video features 12 year-old child prodigy pianist, Isabelle Wang and internationally renowned violinist, Rosemary Siemens. The song performed by the violin and piano duo is a traditional Chinese folk tune with a hauntingly […]

Website Launch: Kootenay Bat Project

Motiontide Media has launched a brand new website for the Kootenay Community Bat Project. This website project included a content management system, logo design and a fresh, clean look. Visit the website at

Website Launch: Twitchy!

Website design for Keynote Speakers

Motiontide Media has launched a completely redesigned website for renowned keynote speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers A.K.A “Twitchy”. This website project included logo redesign, downloadable brochure design, green screen video production and highlight reel video editing. Visit the website at

Google Plus Social Media Icon

For all of you jumping onto Google Plus who have yet to find a social media icon that matches your other ones, we’ve thrown one together. This should match up nicely with a lot of the social media icons already in use on websites, better than what Google Plus is currently providing. It is 32 […]

Website Launch: Kaslo Jazz

Motiontide Media, in partnership with Reliably Online is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned site for Kaslo Jazz Festival. The site showcases the beautiful location and great music of the festival in a visually interesting site. Visit the website at    

Website Launch: Silicon Sisters

Motiontide Media launches the website for Silicon Sisters Interactive, the first female owned and run video game studio in Canada. The site has already receive a lot of buzz as part of the media attention given to this unique company. Visit the website at    

Website Launch: Heather Holden

Motiontide Media is pleased to announce the website launch for Heather Holden. We based the design on the website we created for Hayashi Holden and then personalized it for Heather Holden’s web presence. Visit the website at    

Website Launch: Chameleon Strategies

Motiontide Media has just launched the new website for Chameleon Strategies. Using the already-established company branding, we designed a new custom interface for the website that builds on the previous look. The site features a content management system for easy client updates as well as a basic shopping cart. Visit the website at   […]